IMG_0104Sherrie:  "I joined Skate Sister last year. I’ve figure-skated my whole life but I had never put on full equipment to play hockey. I have to say I’m a believer! I get why hockey is SUCH an attractive sport: the camaraderie, the support, the learning curve, the workout, the laughs and the friendships. I love the competitiveness and the athleticism of it - with everyone trying their best - but there is an underlying sense of support and teamwork. I look forward to getting on the ice every Friday morning!"

WendyLockerRoomWendy:  "Not only a great time with a fun group of women, but also a great way to fine tune my skills for my regular league. Playing with a mixed range of skills allows me to practice skills against newer players and then be humbled by the more experienced! By far the best coffee break in my work week."

DSC_1334Andrea:  "I've been playing hockey with Skate Sister Hockey for 4 years.  I've had so much fun and have met amazing women who have become great friends.  The coaching has been awesome and has given me the confidence to play and thrive in game situations.  Every week I leave Skate Sister Hockey feeling like I've had an unbelievable work out and am ready to conquer the rest of my day!"


IMG_9782Kate:  "When you join a league, your skating time is limited to games only. Skate Sister's programs have given me the extra time on the ice to practice strategies I can implement in a game. Not only do the morning sessions help me to stay in shape for my league games, I also get to skate with such a fun and welcoming group of women. Skate Sister's 4on4 league is such a great way to help everyone improve their competitive edge, whether you play in another league or whether this is your first time at league play."

IMG_0108Kim:  "I had never even put hockey skates on let alone play the game... Ethan took me from a complete beginner to confidently playing on teams and in tournaments for fun. Hockey with Skate Sister is the absolute best for conditioning and a great way to meet some fantastic women in a fun and inclusive way." 


J-DoJacintha:  "I loved playing team sports in high school and wondered how I could join a team sport as an (almost!) 40 something mom… then I found out about Skate Sister... I borrowed some hockey equipment, bought a cheap pair of skates and tried it.  Although I looked like Bambi on ice for the first little while, I didn't care because it's the BEST work out I've ever had, the BEST physical challenge I've ever had and more importantly it's SO MUCH FUN! I look forward to it EVERY week!"

DSC_1365Regan:  "I love playing hockey with Skate Sister! It's fun, the coaching is great, it's a terrific workout but most importantly a fantastic group of women."

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